Eco- Friendly Alternatives

Saving energy and saving money go hand in hand.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients a wide variety of options that can reduce
your pools carbon footprint on our environment.

Efficient Plumbing Design

The largest area for energy conservation lies underground. By up-sizing plumbing lines and reducing the amount of elbows and undulations in the system we can greatly reduce the pools energy consumption requirements.

Solar Covers and Automatic Safety Covers

As much as 70% of a pool’s heat loss escapes from the surface of the water. Regular use of a solar cover, or better yet an Automatic Safety Cover can not only trap in the heat but greatly reduce the need for chemicals. With a new fibreglass pool it is always a good idea to spray foam Insulation prior to installation, to trap heat in even further allowing for an extended pool season.

Eco Friendly Pumps

A “smart” pool pump or variable speed pool pump can literally cut a pool's energy consumption in half. With a “smart” programmable pool pump we can cycle the speed of the pump down during non peak hours automatically. If your current pool pump is becoming obsolete or is operating louder than it was when you first bought it, chances are it's wasting energy. Simply modifying your current pump with a new high efficiency motor paired with a timer to shut your equipment off at night can make a big difference.

Solar Heating

Harnessing the sun’s rays to heat you pool can completely eliminate the need for a gas pool heater for up to 5 months a year. Expect your pool water temperature to be 10-20 degrees warmer then it would normally otherwise be. Installing a solar heating system can typically pay for itself in less than 5 years.

Earth Friendly Pool and Spa Chemicals and Sanitization

If you are bothered by red eyes or irritated skin from frequent pool use, we can recommend and supply you with a selection of earth friendly pool and spa chemicals. We can also recommend different options for virtually chlorine/bromine free water sanitization with an Ozone sanitization system, which will provide crystal clear pool water with limited chemical use.

LED Pool Lighting

LED lamps use the least amount of energy to operate, and last much longer than a traditional bulb lighting system. This reduces replacement costs and minimizes disposal cost. Most pool light systems can be simply retrofitted with LED with minimal modifications.