Hot Tub Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance Packages = $30.00 per visit

Take all worry and hassle out of hot tub ownership with weekly visits from our expert service technicians. On a weekly basis we will test your spa’s water chemistry and balance the chlorine/bromine, PH and alkalinity levels accordingly. We will regularly test and service the equipment and monitor your water temperature to ensure your spa is running perfectly. With every visit we will scrub the water line and vacuum out any dust, dirt or debris, leaving safe crystal clear water. In the snowy months don’t worry - we will shovel a path right to the spa leaving nothing left for you to do except to enjoy your amenity!

When paired with a $70.00 summer pool cleaning package, hot tub maintenance goes down to $15.00


Full Detailed Hot Tub Cleaning: most spas = $180.00

Our Job – Perform a comprehensive service of your hot tub which includes; Draining hot tub, Removing jets and soaking in soap and water, Scrubbing tub top-to bottom with spa cleaner, Vacuuming plumbing lines, Soaking and rinsing filter cartridges in filter cleaner, Scrubbing hot tub cover inside and out, Cleaning exterior cabinet, Re-assembling spa jets, Refilling the spa and testing then balancing water chemistry.

Your job - Soak, Relax and Repeat as necessary.

Recommended to be done once every 3 months


Hot Tub Openings and Closings: $140.00

For closings we will drain you hot tub, remove the jets and package them for your safe keeping during winter. Vacuum and blow out all plumbing lines to prevent freezing, and remove pumps if necessary. Our opening service includes full equipment re-assembly and diagnostics to ensure everything works correctly. We finish by refilling your tub and performing a full water test and chemical balance.


Hot Tub Service Call: $100.00 includes first hour.

A full Diagnosis of the problem, each additional hour of labour $85.00