Equipment Installation

Service Pricing        
Service Call (per hour)   80.00   $40 Minimum (half an hour)
Weekly Pool Maintainence   70.00   Add a Hot Tub $15
Hot Tub Service Call   100.00   additional hour of labour $85
Weekly Hot Tub Maintainence   30.00  
Equipment Installs        
New Pump Motor   100.00    
New Pump   100.00    
New Filter   225.00   disposal $50 extra
Change Sand   225.00   disposal $50 extra
Install Heater, water only   225.00   disposal $50 extra
Install Heater, Gas Hook-up       free quote
Chlor/Brominator, Nature 2   100.00    
Salt system, water only   225.00   Electrical quote provided
Salt cell replacement   100.00    
Solar Cover   100.00   disposal $50 extra
Solar Roller   100.00   disposal $50 extra
Solar Cover and Roller   175.00   disposal $50 extra
Safety Covers and Liners        
Measure for Custom cover and liner   always free    
Safety Cover       priced with purchase of cover
Liner       priced with purchase of liner
Leak Detection        
Pressure test lines and locate   150.00   includes 3 lines
Pressure test each additional line   25.00    
Electronic/Sonic leak track   250.00