Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

All swimming pools require meticulous care to keep water clean and equipment operating efficiently. Burlington Pools takes the hassle and headache out of cleaning and maintaining your pool. The Full Service Pool Maintenance Package includes a once a week cleaning which entails a complete pool cleaning. On a weekly basis, our pool technicians will vacuum the swimming pool, brush the walls, clean the pool tiles, empty all baskets and leaf catchers, clean all the pool filters, check the pool equipment function, and test/add chemicals to maintain the proper water chemical balance.

Chemicals are available at competitive prices and delivery is always with pool maintenance packages.


Vacuum your pool | Skim your pools surface | Scrub water line of any scum
Test your pools water chemistry | Add nessessary chemicals to balance water chemistry.

$70.00 Per Week + Chemicals

For hot tubs add $15.00 to weekly maintenance (weekly vacuum, scrub, water test, chemical balance)


Going on vacation? Your pool will be safe in our hands so when you come home you can just enjoy your amenity!