Solar Pool Heating Systems

We provide a broad range of service, repairs and new installations of solar heating systems that provide cost effective, environmentally-friendly heating for your pool. Our knowledgeable team are able to answer your questions and providing you with a number of solar system options that can fit both your pool’s requirements and budget. With proper installation and coverage, solar heating is capable of raising pool temperatures by up to 20 degrees. A properly sized solar heating system can save a pool owner enough on natural gas bills to pay for its self in less than 5 years.

Burlington Pools has a wide range of experience with installing and programming many types of pool automation systems. In our experience however, solar heating systems function best when paired with the Hayward Aqua Solar® control system, because it uses sensors that monitor the temperature of both the solar collectors on your roof and the pools water temperature, ensuring optimal performance. For example, when your pool needs heating and the system senses that the solar system is in energy-receiving mode, water is automatically diverted between the pool's filter and gas heater and routes into your solar collectors. The water is then heated to a pre-set temperature, or until no more solar energy is available. At that time the gas heater kicks in, only using as much natural gas necessary to make up the difference. The system always prioritizes the use of solar energy over the use of natural gas to ensure long term energy savings.

Cost $3000 - $6000